Our Prepared Products Are For Your Service

Do you want to prepare or rebuild your own historic car for motorsport?

Just clarify your targets and our experts will take care and will help you with procedure.

Our staff will provide you with after sales service and can take care of your future rebuilds or improvements.

Buy or hire – all is possible!

Historic Rally Car Preparation

Historic Car Renovation And Servicing

Historic Rally Car Preparation

Our company has experience to work with models of BMW’s, VW and Datsun. 

We can offer you good solutions based on our experience and support you with good parts suppliers over the world. 

Have you chosen another make for your future motorsport?

Let us know and we will be back with our possible service solutions.

Historic Car Renovation And Servicing

historic rally car engine

Our goal is: 

  • to provide best possible service, based on experience;
  • to find most reliable solutions to save client’s expenses;
  • to help our clients with after-sales service;

Our Restoration projects

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"Arrive And Drive" Service

Car Storage

"Arrive And Drive" Service

BMW Alpina on a start line

Do you want to start with historic regularity events? And you don’t have a knowledge? 

Just nominate your place and time, and get your event proposal.

With our “Arrive & Drive” service we can fulfill your expectations. Our knowledge and experience on regularity events will help you to reach your targets

Car Storage

An Empty Garage

Do you have a car, but don’t have a place where you can keep it? 

We offer you space in our garage. In the same time, we can offer you to prepare or maintain your car for races. 

Also, our logistics team can deliver your car to your marked location at arranged time.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about our services and fees, then please feel free to contact us below and we will get back to you.

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